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Adult Therapy Treatments in Cary, NC

Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy, and ADD/ADHD Assessments

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Doesn’t that sound easy?  My problem was I got hung up with the lemons, and I never got around to making the lemonade.  My training at Duke helped me with that. I learned that when life gives you lemons, you need to express your feelings and grieve. Process it, analyze it, but don’t let yourself ruminate or obsess about it. Distract yourself from angry/anxious/obsessive thoughts. When you change the things you THINK, SAY, and DO, you change your feelings too.  Then get busy.  Sports, theatre, hiking, volunteer work. Focus on the positive in your life. Give yourself a few days or a couple weeks. A bitter lemon may need a couple of months. A divorce may take a year or more. But be patient. When you stop obsessing about the lemons, you will feel more neutral, and your perspective will change. Then you have clarity about how to turn lemons into lemonade. This learning process is a part of an adult therapy treatment called cognitive therapy, and it leads to growth and peace.

  • Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Swings (Bipolar): These problems can be significantly improved with individual therapy, group therapy, and/or medication. New medications have significantly improved the treatment of bipolar disorder.
  • Relationship Problems: Difficulties with family, friends, and co-workers are inevitable, and they can be destructive if left unattended. These problems are highly treatable with adult therapy treatments like interpersonal skills training and cognitive therapy.  These problems are also very responsive to group therapy and/or individual therapy.
  • Behavior Problems:  A variety of personality traits (perfectionism, obsessive-compulsive, anger management, self-defeating) may be inherited from parents or other family members, and they can interfere with your relationships at home, school, or work. Behavior change is the goal, and adult therapy treatments like cognitive and group therapy can help people identify and modify problems areas.
  • ADD/ADHD:  As new studies have revealed the prevalence of adult ADD, many adults seek evaluations and treatment for this diagnosis.  I can evaluate you for ADD, and provide documentation for accommodations for your school or work. I will also work with you physician or psychiatrist regarding medication management.

My adult therapy treatment approaches in Cary, NC include Psychodynamic perspectives that help you understand how issues from your past influence present problems and behaviors.  Recognizing these old patterns can be the key to resolving present concerns. Cognitive-Behavioral strategies help you recognize and manage your thoughts, specifically negative thoughts, that can create anxiety and lead to self-defeating feelings and behaviors. Finally, Interpersonal Therapy skills can improve your communication skills. They also help you learn how to identify and manage your feelings, so you are better able to address and confront relationship problems.

“I got depressed after my mom died and had a hard time pulling myself out of it.  I saw Dr. A. individually and later in a group. I unraveled that mess of feelings and found some peace. I am so grateful.”