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Adult Therapies

Couple in Adult TherapyIndividual Therapy (Solution Focused) Dr. Alexander helps you develop goals for your treatment that allow you to focus your energies on finding solutions rather than focusing on the problem itself.

Group Therapy You will use the support of other people to help you improve your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

Couples Therapy Couples learn how to communicate openly, embrace their differences, and experience a more fulfilling relationship.

Family Therapy Families can grow together even when everyone seems to be going in different directions.

Workplace Dr. Alexander  acts as a therapist and coach to help you build on your strengths to improve performance, communication, and workplace relationships.

Special Treatment for Children, Teens & College Students

Children Teen and College TherapyDr. Alexander’s experience with kids transitioning through the developmental cycle was solidified at:

  • The Children's Psychiatric Institute of John Umstead Hospital
  • The Children’s Unit at Dorothea Dix Hospital
  • The Counseling Center at NCSU

Critical issues in development include managing the process of growth and self-discovery, and learning how to cope with social, behavioral, academic, and family problems (divorce/custody issues). Problems with concentration, distractibility, memory, and learning disorders can create havoc for anyone in an academic setting, and this can have a detrimental effect on mood, school adjustment, and self-esteem. 

Children  Play therapy is a safe and non-threatening environment that helps children express their feelings and resolve conflicts.

Adolescents  Teens use a modified form of play therapy that helps them develop self-awareness,
self-esteem, and social interaction skills.

College Students  Individual or group therapy helps students understand and resolve conflicts that interfere with independence, socialization, and academic performance.